Turn Waitrose trading data into actionable insights with SKUtrak

If you collect data manually from the Waitrose Connect portal and insert it into your spreadsheet reports, you no longer need to. SKUtrak DataShare will do all the heavy lifting and save you the hassle.

All Waitrose suppliers can now use SKUtrak to monitor daily performance, enabling you to understand sales better, maximise the efficiency of your operations, and save you from downloading daily reports from the Waitrose Connect portal.

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Automate data collection and transformation

Save time and reduce workload by accessing the most complete and curated dataset for critical, complex decision-making.

Accelerate business insights

Accelerate business insights

Easily access and share data across business units, partners, and customers to provide users with valuable and actionable information.

Drive sales and increase efficiency

Drive sales and increase efficiency

Use high-quality, consistent and easy-to-query data to develop data-driven processes for increased sales and efficiency.

"Before SKUtrak, we were pulling data manually from retailers every day and having to link individual spreadsheets together to make them usable. Even then, we had to massage that information because of differences between operating and promotional weeks."

Jon Colby, Data and Insights Controller at Hain Daniels

"There’s a big difference between the information you need being available and having the resource required to gather it. Extracting data from a retailer portal, formatting it, gleaning insight from it - that’s a huge task when you extrapolate it across every customer."

Scott Morton, Head of Customer Collaboration at Alpro

“We’ve created a dashboard within Power BI that displays our data in the way that our Commercial Director needs it. While it’s great for individual users to be able to see their own accounts, we also need that top-line number that speaks to our aggregate performance.”

Kelly Holman, National Account Executive at Valeo Foods Group

SKUtrak automates the collection and management of your data so that you don’t have to

SKUtrak collects data daily, providing you with an up-to-date and accurate view of product movement. It also consolidates information in a consistent and comparable format, which is easy to query and explore.

  • Direct access, curated data, live feeds.
  • Includes daily sales, waste estate-level data, and weekly sales and waste store level data.
  • Enable faster and deeper analysis.

Enhance decision-making with holistic data insights

SKUtrak automatically updates and enriches your Waitrose Connect data, making it “analytical ready at scale,” enabling users to reduce time-to-insight or to create routine reports on the company’s trading performance across multiple dimensions.

  • Improve the accuracy of sales reporting: Monitor performance, evaluate trends and make better predictions with granular data down to store-level.
  • Maximise returns on promotional activities: Carry out promotional reviews at speed, eliminate guesswork and get a handle on your performance.
  • Identify opportunities to grow your distribution: Gain a better understanding of trading patterns and discover areas with growth opportunities.
  • Cut back on waste: See which products are underperforming to support your SKU rationalisation decisions.
  • Measure the success of NPD: Monitor the introduction of new SKUs by assessing sales and return on sales against your plan.
  • Justify cost price increases (CPIs): Use historical data (up to two years worth) to predict the impact of price increases.

Real-time and direct access to daily curated data with DataShare

SKUtrak DataShare joins the power of SKUtrak’s retail trading data model with the Snowflake data cloud so that you can integrate trading performance data directly into your reporting tools, analytics platforms, and enterprise business systems. SKUtrak DataShare provides a consistent data feed across all your major grocery customers.

  • Automated feed for existing spreadsheets.
  • Real-time feed for your preferred business
    intelligence tool [PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, Looker].
  • Live or extracted feed for business systems; ERP, TPM, demand planning.
  • Regular extract for in-store SFA.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is SKUtrak DataShare?
SKUtrak DataShare grants users direct access to the same data that powers SKUtrak, enabling real-time queries on trading performance with major grocery customers, enabling bespoke analytics, reporting, and business intelligence. The data is collected automatically and consistently across retailers, permits mapping to internal product codes, and is available to be queried through Excel or BI tools, or fed directly into business systems.
How will Waitrose be priced if added to my payment plan?
When Waitrose is added to your payment plan, it is priced as an additional standard "Essential" level plan. 
Is it possible to access visual dashboards for Waitrose using the SKUtrak app?
Not immediately. As part of our roadmap, we plan to launch Waitrose's sales and waste dashboards on the SKUtrak app soon.
What are the reasons to enable SKUtrak DataShare for Waitrose?

Enabling SKUtrak DataShare for Waitrose provides immediate access to data from the Waitrose Connect portal, including a daily report on estate-level sales and wastage for monitoring sales activity, promotions, reconciliations, and demand planning, as well as a weekly summary of sales and wastage data at the store level for analysing regional discrepancies, conducting range reviews, and participating in field sales activities.

How can SKUtrak DataShare benefit your business?
SKUtrak DataShare updates and enriches data, ensuring it is accurately collected, consistently processed, and securely stored for use in downstream systems and processes. The platform unifies data into a standardised format, making it easily comparable across different retailers. It is designed to simplify data access for analysts, providing high-quality data to support more informed decisions, and enabling the automation of business intelligence processes.
Where are the best areas to utilise SKUtrak DataShare for maximum impact?

SKUtrak DataShare integrates SKUtrak's retail trading data model with the Snowflake data cloud, allowing for seamless integration with reporting tools. This enables you to incorporate precise and current data into all of your business processes, including demand planning, promotional analysis, and revenue assurance. These activities require a significant amount of data, and SKUtrak DataShare makes it readily available with your existing ERP, finance, planning systems, and promotional tools.

Can SKUtrak accommodate users of all levels, including beginners and experts?
Beginners can easily update Excel reports and create dashboards with BI tools, while experts can run live SQL queries, integrate with data pipelines, and feed business systems.
How have other CPGs leveraged SKUtrak DataShare to improve their operations?
Here are some examples of how other world-leading brands are using SKUtrak DataShare today.
  • One market-leading food company uses SKUtrak DataShare to improve its understanding of promotional incrementality, helping it improve the quality and consistency of its investments. 
  • A leading beverage manufacturer uses SKUtrak to harmonise disparate customer data with internal sources, allowing it to convert unit sales into litres, amongst other benefits. More consistent, holistic reporting and decision-making is the result.
  • A global confectionary brand uses DataShare to feed trading data into its Trade Promotion Management tool, providing more accurate reconciliations and enhanced Trade Promotion Optimisation capabilities.
  • SKUtrak DataShare helps one fast-growing beverage manufacturer direct its field sales activities and maximise ROI by feeding daily, store-level data directly to the third-party field agency they’re working with.
  • A large food producer uses SKUtrak DataShare to bring daily trading data into its SAP APO implementation, saving around 20 hours per week in manual processing and providing a more accurate foundation for demand planning.
  • One national BWS manufacturer relies on SKUtrak data to direct its internal field sales team, using that information to determine the highest-value stores for each rep to visit daily.

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