If a picture paints a thousand words, SKUtrak's interactive dashboard suite replaces a library of detailed report data with accessible, informative and interesting visualisations that empower you to understand and communicate more effectively. 


Visualise your data with SKUtrak

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak to visualise your data so that you and your team understand and act on your opportunities and challenges.

Presents performance as intuitive, interactive visualisations
Encourages exploration and deeper understanding
Aids communication with colleagues and customers

SKUtrak visualises information from your grocery customer data through an ever-growing collection of interactive dashboards. With a common filter interface, allowing product (and brand, category etc.) and time (period, quarter, date range etc.) selection, the dashboards allow you to explore trading performance through direct interaction with charts, graphs, maps and tables. Watch data come to life; evolve from passive report reader to engaged analyst, developing a rich understanding of challenges and opportunities that you can communicate easily to your retail customer counterparts.

SKUtrak Dashboards present Flow-of-Goods information in a variety of forms:

  • Simple visual reports with limited metrics and interaction to focus on clear, concise presentation of what is happening; sales performance (volume & value), stock levels, availability, ranging, service levels etc.
  • Multi-metric interactive reports that encourage exploration of the relationship between Flow-of-Goods signals that explore why performance is better or worse than surrounding context; which products are driving sales growth, where is limited stock at depot driving poor store availability, when did product distribution change and what has the effect been on rate of sale
  • Action-oriented insight tools that provide not only what is happening, and why, but also encourage exploration of how to address issues to reduce their impact... or how to capitalise on opportunities and maximise performance through their positive reinforcement

SKUtrak dashboards can be captured and shared with colleagues and customers; when a picture tells a thousand words it makes sense to use clear, concise visual communication to drive effective collaboration across the grocery supply chain.

On a Monday morning, I am able to know immediately how trading has been over the weekend. I'm not having to wait for someone to wait for someone to extract the data, interpret it and send it to me. The data is also in the same format across all retailers, which is so valuable helping me to compare apples with apples.

Darren Robinson
Head of Sales, Meridian

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