One place to see where your products are across all major supermarkets

We’re delighted to announce that we have designed and launched SKUtrak Stock-in-Trade; available immediately to all customers on SKUtrak premium packages.  

This will help you to better understand where stock of your products is located across your major customers’ stores and depots, in response to the unusual buying patterns that we are currently experiencing.

SKUtrak Stock-in-Trade provides:

  • an aggregate stock and sales cover profile across ALL retailers that form part of your SKUtrak Standard+ service - at category, subcategory and SKU levels;

  • a depot breakdown - again in aggregate, across ALL retailers - so that you can review current stock and put that in the context of stock movements over the past 28 days.

These dashboards help you to assess stock positions, determine stock cover, decide on where to prioritise stock in response to retailer orders and better meet the needs of your shoppers and consumers.

If you want to know more about Stock-in-Trade or sign up for it, please contact us:

Compliance with your retailer:

This solution brings to SKUtrak something that we have always avoided to-date; we are actively combining data from different grocers and presenting an aggregate picture so that you can make informed decisions. SKUtrak has avoided this in the past because some of the retailer systems that you draw data from forbid combining data in this way. We know that many of you already combine some data, some of the time, and we agree that it’s a necessary action in order to serve multiple customers effectively. We have decided to build this into SKUtrak Stock-in-Trade because we believe the needs of #FeedTheNation outweigh compliance with arcane data licences. We have written an open letter to the UK Grocers and encourage your support if you can give it. We suggest that you review appropriate terms and conditions to ensure that you are comfortable before requesting access to SKUtrak Stock-in-Trade.

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"With the daily alerts I always have a sense of what is going on. More often than not it provides us with reassurance that everything is running smoothly. If my daily email does highlight something unusual, then I can log in from anywhere and get to the granular detail straight away."

Hayley Goddard, National Account Manager, Butchers Pet Care


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