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Store Insights

Store level data gives you the visibility you need to make changes.
It alerts you to stores that are under-performing, running out of stock, and have stock-errors. It helps you to report more accurately, and direct resource to the stores that need it most.

What it does

  • Shows SKU sales over time by region, store format and individual stores
  • Identify stores with the largest number of issues (out of stocks, lost sales, ranged and not selling exceptions by store, by SKU, potential book-stock errors)
  • Provides rate of sale analysis by SKU, by store, by day (value and volume)

How it helps

  • Detailed reporting, internally, and with your retailer - be well informed, and a trusted source of advice
  • Identify any problems by providing insights on how your products are performing in-store and thus helps you to direct your field sales teams to problem stores
  • Use detailed information to inform conversations around product ranging decisions
  • Reduce lost sales and improve on-shelf availability

"SKUtrak allows you to see daily, how stock is selling through the stores. So you can understand at a regional level, at a format level exactly what products are on the shelve."

Lauren Wright, Atheon Analytics



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SKUtrak content depends on access to data through the retailer accounts you connect.

Some measures may be unavailable due to the retailers and products you supply.

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