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SKUtrak Partners

We exist to humanise data. We envision a truly data-driven future; one where a company’s data is ingrained in its fabric. More than a confirmatory afterthought, data should be at the core of decision-making, guiding the way forward; less highway patrol, more mission control. 

The team here at Atheon is driven to change the way data is considered, curated and consumed, so that it provides clarity in an increasingly complex world. By breaking down the barriers between data and decision-makers, we let human curiosity flourish and empower complex decisions with confidence. 

Our partners believe in the same ethos as us; customer commitment and data curiosity. They bring expertise in a variety of areas including technical competence within our product offerings, and domain expertise. 

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SKUtrak Integrator Partners

See who are our technical partners. 



Enoua connects data from tools such as SKUtrak with your organisations reporting tools, to give you the information your business and clients need, in the format they need it.

Now more than ever, suppliers need a quick solution to improve reporting and speed up decision making. By connecting the data from around your business, we enhance the quality of the information you need to make decisions, and save you hours pulling together spreadsheets.

By automating the process of collating data, you can refresh anytime at the click of a button, moving from weekly reporting to instant updates in seconds and cutting out inaccuracies and inefficiencies. 

We are a team of data & reporting experts, we provide a fast solution to your reporting challenges and we can deliver this quickly, without huge cost or lengthy implementation.

From basic Excel reporting enhancements, consolidating multiple reports, through to complex data strategies, warehousing and consulting, our team of experts are on hand to help with all of your data requirements.



Picture Perfect Data

With a focus on retail, distribution and logistics analysis, Picture Perfect Data is a valuable, “on-demand” addition to your team to help make your business truly data driven. 

As an Atheon partner, PPD already have an understanding of the SKUtrak dataset.  Combining the SKUtrak data with data from your other systems and PPD’s input helps you to harness a powerful tool to boost your business knowledge and leverage that in the market.

PPD’s experience means they already talk your industry language. Becoming data driven requires more than the technical skills they’ll bring to your business.

They are skilled at combining in-house expertise with their own,  and they’ll challenge you to identify the KPIs and the supporting data that creates high quality, actionable insight.

Improvement can be challenging –they’ll build relationships and trust with your team and work with them to ensure the actionable insights become embedded in your processes.

PPD are truly customer outcome focused. Their work is guaranteed.



SKUtrak Educator Partners

See who our training partners are.                                                                                                                                                      


Alpine Account Management

Alpine Account Management provides account management training and services for the UK grocery industry.

Alpine supports suppliers with:

- Account management training
- Outsourced account management
- Mentoring & consultation
- Data analysis

The training is 100% online and designed to fit in with the busy life of an account manager.

Alpine Account Management was founded by Dave Knowles who has 15 years’ experience working with small, medium and global sized FMCG suppliers in the UK Grocery market

Dave has 5 years’ experience using the SKUtrak platform and regularly uses it both internally with suppliers and externally with the UK’s leading retailers.

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