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12 March 2020

Atheon Analytics to supply SKUtrak platform to Morrisons so it can provide operational data to suppliers

Suppliers will benefit from improved Morrisons Supplier Database providing more data that will help improve availability and waste.

Atheon Analytics is to supply its SKUtrak platform to Morrisons so it can share more
operational data with suppliers. The new Morrisons Supplier Database, which will utilise SKUtrak will
enable suppliers to quickly view and interact with sales and supply chain performance data; helping
Morrisons and their suppliers to improve availability and reduce waste.

SKUtrak collects and connects data from EPOS and supply chain systems and presents information to
provide a complete picture of product performance across the supply chain. Suppliers can use this free-of-charge insight to increase availability, reduce waste, improve promotional performance and ensure theright product is in the right place, at the right time.

The improvements in the Morrisons Supplier Database will make it simpler to work with the company and make decisions better informed.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Supply Chain at Morrisons says: “We are committed to providing our suppliers with the best information possible. We believe that by giving better visibility into service levels, depot and store stock, store availability and daily forecasts, we can work more collaboratively. Our goal is to improve the supply-chain so that we better serve shoppers through excellent availability”.

Guy Cuthbert, CEO at Atheon Analytics says “Morrisons is leading the field by providing their suppliers with intuitive, interactive visual reporting; helping suppliers make complex decisions with confidence. When suppliers understand what happened yesterday, in the context of recent trading performance, they can take appropriate action today to prevent problems tomorrow. Morrisons suppliers, will be in a much better position to identify issues, understand opportunities and take appropriate action”.

About Atheon Analytics
Atheon Analytics, formed in 2005, provides award-winning visual analytics insight tools to the grocery retail and consumer goods sectors. Its SKUtrak service is the UK’s leading grocery Flow-of-Goods tracker for FMCG suppliers, with over 1,000 customers using SKUtrak to monitor sales, service and stock levels daily across the UK’s major grocers.

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"I use it daily to check sales and stock holding and I can also see if there are potential issues about to arise. Additionally, if there’s any further interrogation required I’m able to use the sales performance, value sales, units and rate of sales to do so."

Alex Rowell, Head of Convenience | Carlsberg


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Watch our video to see how some of our customers are using SKUtrak to deliver business benefits