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SKUtrak Explorer

Explorer gives you all the answers quickly. It alerts you to potential issues, reports your key measures, and allows custom data exploration with ease.
Access up to 104 weeks of history for long term analysis, or instantly switch to what was happening in depots and on-shelves yesterday.

What it does

  • Turns your data into a visual, user-friendly way that is easy to understand, interact with and explore
  • Users have the ability to drill down into the data to answer why something has happened
  • Stores data overtime, giving you access to historic information, and up to date insights
  • Links ‘Flow-of-Goods’ information to show how service levels are affecting retail sales, and vice-versa
  • View and assess previous activities to optimise future promotions

How it helps

  • Speed to insight - drill down to answer questions with just a few clicks. It allows you to understand performance in complete detail; daily analysis of promotions, new product launches and all supply chain activities
  • Share insights with colleagues and customers - become a trusted source of advice and analysis
  • Provides visibility of where stock is within the supply chain. Allowing you to allocate the stock to the right depots and reducing instances of depots being out of stock and failing deliveries to stores
  • Quickly assess the impact of changes in distribution, and be proactive in communicating the effects collaboratively with retailers - helping you increase sales and reduce excess stock/waste
  • Reduce product wastage, maximise promotional success and ensure on-shelf availability

"SKUtrak tells me what I need, and helps me tell the sales story in under 15 minutes, rather than taking hours to manipulate data. I would thoroughly recommend SKUtrak to anyone in sales who needs to analyse product and promotional performance at speed."

Suzanne Large, Account Development Manager, Cott Beverages

"SKUtrak has helped us improve availability, implement more dynamic promotional plans and spend more time providing retailers with insight to help them make good decisions."

Steven Lynn, Commercial Director, Simon Howie Foods



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SKUtrak content depends on access to data through the retailer accounts you connect.

Some measures may be unavailable due to the retailers and products you supply.

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