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6 JULY 2021

Atheon Analytics announces SKUtrak DataShare availability through the Snowflake Data Marketplace

SKUtrak DataShare gives FMCGs direct access to the data that powers their SKUtrak dashboards.

Cranfield, 6th July 2021 - Atheon Analytics is delighted to have launched SKUtrak DataShare onto Snowflake’s Data Marketplace. It provides UK grocery suppliers a one-stop-shop for reliable, secure, curated grocery data, information and insight.

This means Atheon customers are able to run real-time queries on their trading performance with major customers, build bespoke dashboards or combine this dataset with their own (and other Snowflake Data Marketplace) datasets for custom analytics, reporting and business intelligence.

Guy Cuthbert, Atheon’s Analytics CEO & CTO says “We know that people enjoy exploring, discovering and understanding the world around them and it’s important that they can do this in any environment they choose. Making SKUtrak DataShare available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace is a great example of this; rich, curated SKUtrak data available in-demand for use in all business processes. This helps every grocery supplier to understand their trading performance, take action and get the right product in the right place at the right time.”

For more information on SKUtrak DataShare, please click here.

About Atheon Analytics

Atheon Analytics, formed in 2005, provides award-winning visual analytics insight tools to the grocery retail and consumer goods sectors. Its SKUtrak service is the UK’s leading grocery Flow-of-Goods tracker for FMCG suppliers, with over 1,700 customers using SKUtrak to monitor sales, service and stock levels daily across the UK’s major grocers.

""We benefit greatly from the single source of data that SKUtrak provides; one source of automatically-collected data - pre-matched with our product codes, descriptions and categories - that we access live as we need it through SKUtrak DataShare. Multiple teams here at Kraft Heinz are now connecting to SKUtrak DataShare and utilising daily SKU-level trading data in Excel, Tableau and other tools.""

David Shaw, Supply Chain Director, Kraft Heinz