Quorn Case Study

Delivering supply chain insights with SKUtrak

Quorn began with a vision to protect the world and a mission to find a new sustainable source of protein. Today Quorn is still on a mission; one to get more people into delicious meat-free meals. A mission to provide healthy food for people and the planet.

The Challenge

Make it easier to use the data that is readily available

We were using retailer data but wanted to better understand the information and have it in a consistent format.


Consistency of data …

A primary reason for selecting SKUtrak is the consistent format of information. Retailer data is collected daily, transformed, securely stored and presented in user friendly intuitive dashboards, we no longer need to log-in to multiple systems. We now only need to use a single system in order to gain insights into what was happening.

"SKUtrak is a one stop shop for all our retailer data needs. Having the information updated daily means we are aware of how our products are moving through our retailer supply chains. This means we can make decisions with confidence. Currently, SKUtrak is mainly used by our demand planners and national account managers, however, we have ambitions to roll it out to a wider internal audience."

Ben Cattanach | S&OP Manager


Saves Time

SKUtrak saves time, automatically collecting and updating daily retailer data, and presenting insights through an intuitive set of dashboards. It does the heavy lifting for us. SKUtrak consolidates the training of colleagues on a single application, regardless of role or retailer.


Able to do more than before

Whilst we were using retailer data previously, SKUtrak has made things simpler, and we are now able to do a lot more. We use SKUtrak to run workstreams focusing on availability and waste, and to complete our promotional analysis.


Aided Collaboration

SKUtrak has helped us better understand areas such as our availability. As a result we have been able to improve our collaboration with retail customers. We can quickly identify availability gaps due to high sales, service or waste and create actions to resolve, such as increasing depot stocks.

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