SKUtrak is the grocery analytics platform 

Over 1,700 FMCG companies trust SKUtrak to help them make complex decisions with confidence so that they can move the right products to the right places at the right time.

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The SKUtrak Difference

SKUtrak ensures that you and your colleagues make complex decisions with confidence. Use SKUtrak to:

  • Collect, update and manage your retailer data, automatically
  • Store collected data securely, robustly and flexibly in the cloud
  • Identify important patterns in your Flow-of-Goods data and take appropriate action
  • Visualise information intuitively, to build a rich understanding of your trading performance
  • Facilitate communication and insight with your colleagues and customers

SKUtrak creates a connected data model which you can explore through its powerful analysis tools and incorporate directly into your own; access carefully curated Flow-of-Goods data in your favourite spreadsheets, business intelligence tools, business systems, planning tools, ERP, WMS - the list is endless. Your analysts, end-users and data scientists can all use SKUtrak content to better model, analyse, explore and understand how you trade with your retail customers and how the decisions that you make together serve your shoppers

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Automated Data Collection
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Collect your retailer data through SKUtrak

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak to automatically collect rich data from your retail customers.

Automate data collection

Collect data every day from each of your major customers

SKUtrak collects data like a robot - 365 days a year, no holidays, no sickness - and builds you the best record possible



Handle data changes automatically

Did you know that retailers sometimes change their daily data retrospectively? SKUtrak looks back for changes and ensures they are included


Join the dots

Full Flow-of-Goods data, not just EPOS

EPOS data is critical to understanding demand... but supply chain data is equally important; SKUtrak gets it all and creates your SKU-by-SKU Flow-of-Goods signal


Organise your trading data in SKUtrak

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak to organise and curate a consistent dataset across your retail customers

Manage complexity

Store all of your Flow-of-Goods data centrally

Your customers all record trading and supply chain data differently - SKUtrak manages that complexity and builds your complete Flow-of-Goods dataset


See the full picture

Model sales, stock and service consistently for all customers

SKUtrak's central database - the Demand Signal Repository ("DSR") - collects, combines and curates retail customer data so that you can report, analyse and act with confidence


Trust one source

Deliver one version of your Flow-of-Goods

The SKUtrak DSR provides a consistent source of data across all customers so that you don't need to learn all of their systems


Map with ease

Manage and matches your product definitions

Upload your product definitions and categories for SKUtrak to match with retailer data, so that you can measure performance any way you like


Analyse and predict performance with SKUtrak         

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak to analyse, explain and predict your trading performance.  

Understand demand

Analyse past performance to understand true demand

SKUtrak TruDemand calculates shopper demand for your products and explains where you are winning and losing


See ahead

Predict and forecast future SKU performance

TruDemand predicts future performance based on price, season, promotion, competitor activity and special event responses


Improve decisions

Support scenario planning for optimisation

SKUtrak Analytics API provides rapid responses to "what if" questions for real-time scenario modelling


Visualise your trading performance in SKUtrak  

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak to visualise your data so that you and your team understand and act on your opportunities and challenges.

See clearly

Present performance as intuitive, interactive visualisations

SKUtrak presents information in world-class visualisations which help you to see the big picture and identify the important details


Dive Deeper

Encourage exploration and deeper understanding

Interactive visualisations and powerful filters bring your data to life so that you can explore quickly to build a deep understanding and can act with confidence


Collaborate easily

Communicate better with colleagues and customers

SKUtrak encourages you to snip and share visual content with anyone who needs to see it - a picture paints a thousand words

aids communication with colleagues and customers

Query and explore live data from SKUtrak              

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak as a live data source in your favourite tools and business systems. 

Access data easily

Serve up rich, timely, curated data

SKUtrak DataShare places the full power of the SKUtrak DSR in your hands; real-time access to your trading data across multiple customers


Power your systems

Connect to anything, anywhere

Consume accurate customer data in your favourite business intelligence tools, ERP and other business systems - over a secure internet connection


Accessible to anyone

Provide beginner and expert modes

DataShare provides both summary tables ready for inclusion in reports as well as fine-grained access to its underlying Snowflake data model


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