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Mockingbird Raw Press

About the client

Using fresh, clean, and wholesome ingredients, Mockingbird Raw Press produces high quality, award winning smoothies and juices. Specialising in small-batch recipes and a raw manufacturing process, every one of Mockingbird’s bottles is filled to the brim with vitamins and superfoods.

Already operating across 20 retailers in the UK and Ireland, Mockingbird Raw Press has ambitious plans for future growth. 


Products used

  • SKUtrak

Key benefits

  • Enhanced promotional performance, increasing product availability from 85% to over 95% during promotional periods.
  • Helped streamline operations by integrating data from multiple retailer portals.
  • Facilitated data-driven decision-making through intuitive visualisations.
  • Boosted communication and collaboration with retailer supply chain teams.
  • Improved the management of service-level data and sales forecasts.


Divergent data makes for a daunting task

For consumer packaged goods companies today, there’s no shortage of information about product performance floating around – it’s making sense of it that’s the difficult part. Just ask Ben Liddle from Mockingbird Raw Press.

In his role as Mockingbird’s Operations Manager, one of Ben’s many responsibilities involved the downloading – and deciphering – of data from six distinct retailer portals. Not only was that information vast in terms of its scope, it was complex too, with each portal outputting different datasets at different times. 

That presented a clear challenge. Growing rapidly though it is, Mockingbird still runs lean; as a result, Liddle found the task of manually monitoring in-store availability, promotions, and service level data to be a daunting one. Simply, there was more data than any one person could manage effectively, which inevitably led to inconsistent analysis and missed opportunities.

Before SKUtrak, there was only one way that I could describe the process of pulling data from our retail partners: chaotic. As a one-man ops team, I simply didn't have the bandwidth, meaning that monitoring shelf availability, service level data, and other key information became sporadic at best.

Ben Liddle, Operations Manager at Mockingbird Raw Press

The answer arrives

Fortunately, a game-changing solution soon emerged. When Mockingbird Raw Press started working with Co-op, the retailer’s supply team introduced Ben to SKUtrak. Realising that it not only sourced and consolidated data from all retailers, but presented it in an easily digestible format too, Ben decided to explore SKUtrak further. 

Digging deeper, he quickly discovered that SKUtrak did much more than data collection. In just a few clicks, it also offered a precise snapshot of Mockingbird’s trading performance. Suddenly, Ben had a way to swap out tedious, manual information-gathering with comprehensive insights delivered via intuitive and interactive dashboards. 

Presenting granular insights into sales forecasts, promotions analysis, availability, waste, and service levels, SKUtrak provided Ben with a raft of insights. Using them, he was able to significantly enhance his communication with retailer supply chain teams, leading to more effective discussions and collaborative decision-making.

Transforming promotional performance

One standout success was the transformative impact SKUtrak had on the performance of promotions. "The promotions analysis feature has proven to be invaluable,” says Ben.  “We hypothesized that product availability decreased during promotions due to a surge in sales volumes, and over recent months, we've been using SKUtrak to monitor these periods closely.” 

Not only did SKUtrak bring this trend into focus, it also provided the tangible evidence that Mockingbird Raw Press needed to persuade retailer supply teams to address it. “Using the insights we gained from the platform, we’ve been able to collaborate more effectively with our partners and urge them to bolster their stock levels during the buildup to a promo period." 

The result has been impactful on the company’s bottom line. In one instance, Co-op's supply team increased their next order by 20%, instigating a marked increase in availability during an upcoming promotion. More generally, product availability during promotions rocketed from an average of 85% to over 95%, a significant triumph for Mockingbird.

Previously, off-promo availability would be high – around 98-100% –  but then drop considerably during promos. SKUtrak has helped us to highlight this issue to our retail partners and meet demand more effectively.

Ben Liddle, Operations Manager at Mockingbird Raw Press

Today, the benefits delivered by SKUtrak are being felt by the entire Mockingbird team. "SKUtrak's visualisations are straightforward and intuitive, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making," Ben asserts. While SKUtrak primarily aids Ben in his role, it also allows him to share vital insights with his team, spurring insightful discussions about trends, potential problems, and daily action plans.” 

Exceptional support and training

The customer success team at SKUtrak played an integral role in helping Mockingbird Raw Press unleash the full power of the tool. "They demonstrated an exceptional level of responsiveness and support," continues Ben. "Any challenges we faced were typically resolved within a day. Scheduling training sessions was easy, too, which has helped us to really get the most out of SKUtrak."

We're growing significantly, introducing new products and lines, and it'll be interesting to see the uptake and volatility when they go live. Are we seeing waste? Are our forecasts aligned with reality? I believe SKUtrak will help us answer those questions.

Ben Liddle, Operations Manager at Mockingbird Raw Press

Looking ahead, Ben sees a wealth of opportunities with SKUtrak. As Mockingbird Raw Press launches new products and widens its operations, the role of SKUtrak is likely to become even more instrumental. Ben foresees valuable insights to grow sales, the ability to compare actuals with forecasts, and the opportunity to reduce waste. 

SKUtrak has become an indispensable member of the Mockingbird Raw Press team.


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