SKUtrak Lite helps you focus on the fundamentals of your trading relationships

SKUtrak Lite helps you make better, faster product decisions. With a rich array of visual reports that analyse and interpret your supply chain and point of sale data, SKUtrak Lite brings your trading performance to life. Identify growth opportunities, apply actionable insights, and save time with automated, unified reporting through SKUtrak Lite.

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Make your data work harder for you

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Maximise performance

Spot growth opportunities and tackle sales decline across your entire product portfolio.

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Improve availability

Minimise ‘out-of-stocks’ by improving efficiency and pinpointing poor-performing SKUs.

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Reduce overstocking and waste

Catch overstocking issues early and tackle wastage.

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Minimise inventory holding

Free up working capital by seeing where depot and store stock levels can be reduced.

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React to changing demand

Identify changes in demand to better plan production and address any forecast fluctuations.

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Optimise ranging decisions

Improve your range analysis by seeing how many stores in each region stock your products.

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Meet service-level targets

Explore service levels into a retailer’s depot and pre-empt possible performance issues.

SKUtrak is a tool that provides you with consistent and valuable data insights instantly. As a result, you can see your top line performance and solve problems quickly.

Dave Knowles | Head of Sales | UK Off-Trade


SKUtrak is a one-stop shop for all our retailer data needs. Having the information updated daily means we know how our products are moving through our retailer supply chains.

Ben Cattanach | S&OP Manager | Quorn


With SKUtrak, we have been able to make our relationship(s) slicker, more efficient and ready to deliver the right stock to the right place at the right time.

Chris Milton | Sales Director | Thatchers

Track sales performance by product and day to see where action is needed.

Lite helps you better understand your sales data and spot trends across category, brand, and SKU. With up to two years of historical data, Lite makes it easy to visualise sales and illustrate daily, weekly, or year-on-year growth across your product portfolio.

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Get a daily picture of your stock to maintain availability and minimise waste.

Lite’s rich interactive reports help you understand if enough product has been ordered and where bottlenecks in the chain may be costing you sales. Spot and resolve issues with actionable daily insights, and improve proactive communication with your retail partners.

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Reduce the time required to produce retailer trading reports

SKUtrak Lite provides an easy way to look at top-level information as soon as it becomes available. Different date formats and numbers between retailers can create significant reporting challenges, but SKUtrak Lite removes that hassle - providing uniform reports for all customers that can easily be pulled out for use in presentations. 

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FAQs for SKUtrak Lite

What is the subscription charge for SKUtrak Lite?

Costs vary on the number of SKUs you supply to a retailer:

SKU count SKUtrak Lite monthly fee
Fewer than 10 £150
10 - 29 £300
30 - 89 £450
90 - 269 £600
270 or more £750

What are the benefits of upgrading from SKUtrak Starter?

By upgrading to SKUtrak Lite you can visualise your performance with dashboards and see the full picture of your sales and supply chain performance to make daily decisions that drive sustainable growth and safeguard against disruption.

  • Access individual dashboards that help you visualise and explore your trading performance across pages - Sales, Waste, In-store availability, Stock in trade, Ranging, and Forecasting.
  • Assess trading performance by category, subcategory, brand and by individual SKU.
  • Look at historical trends over the last two years.
  • Generate week-by-week or year-on-year comparisons of your performance.
  • Download and export data from your dashboard reports to Excel.

Find the right SKUtrak plan for you

We offer a range of pricing plans to support your different needs.

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Our free ‘Starter’ plan gives you the basics, its 28-day summary dashboard visualising sales and supply chain metrics across eight performance indicators.


‘Lite’ gives you the daily information by SKU at both retail estate and depot level, with up to two years of data available.

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‘Essential’ digs deeper to explain why things happened the way they did by using daily analytics dashboards and direct access to SKUtrak’s high-quality, curated data.

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‘Professional’ uses store-level data and predictive analytics to show you what will happen next and how to improve performance.

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‘Enterprise’ provides you with all the content and features of the Professional service, plus access to our data engineers, visualisation, and machine learning teams.

Enquire now and tap in to the power of SKUtrak Lite

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