Innis & Gunn Case Study

Improving sales and problem solving with SKUtrak

Started in 2003, Innis & Gunn is now one of Scotland's most successful international craft brewers, exporting to over 35 countries, and are the no.3 craft beer brand within the UK Off-Trade. In a recent YouGov brand index poll their flagship brand; Innis & Gunn has been recently voted the UK's most recommended beer.

The Challenge

How can a challenger brand grow sales in the supermarkets...

The Beers Wines and Spirits category is dominated by global suppliers with large budgets and NPD plans. There is a growing number of smaller craft suppliers emerging, and the challenge is how we can stand out, and show the retailers that we can help them growth the category, whilst delivering an excellent service.


Uniformed information across retailers...

When I first had a demo of SKUtrak I could immediately see the value it could bring to us. It would be like having an extra pair of hands that would do all the data collection, processing and standardising for us. Having the information also presented visually would allow us to quickly identify any sales opportunity or potential supply problem.

"SKUtrak is a tool that provides you with consistent and valuable data insights across the spectrum of retailers instantly. As a result, you can see your top line performance and solve problems quickly. Using SKUtrak saves time as without it you have to be digging into each retailer system and crunching so many numbers you might miss key points. SKUtrak allows me to work more quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend the service to any FMCG supplier""

Dave Knowles | Head of Sales, UK Off-Trade


Achieved an average growth rate of +30% for 3 years in a row

In the Off-Trade we have achieved an average growth rate of 30% over the last three years. During this period the brand has jumped from number 16 to number 8 in Scotland’s top alcohol brands (The Scottish Grocer), and is the UK’s ‘3 craft beer brand. A significant part of the success we have achieved can be attributed to SKUtrak and how it displays the data. We integrated SKUtrak’s reports into both our internal and external ways of working, which helped us to work smart, scale the business and increase our share of voice with our retailers.

A great example is where we have a brand that is one of our retailer’s best selling 4x440ml packs in Scotland. Using the rate of sale data in SKUtrak, we were able to have a conversation with the retailer about looking at an incremental 10 pack listing. The conversation led to us launching the 10 pack product and we can see that the brand is in +131% growth in that account over the last 52 weeks.

 Internal change management around the use of data...

Through enhancing our weekly sales reporting, people started to see the value in looking at data visually. This meant that other parts of the business started changing the way they used their own data. Our marketing team now uses SKUtrak as a result. We invest in supporting the brand by advertising across key UK cities. Our marketing team then use SKUtrak to track the impact of these marketing campaigns to help them look at sales pre, during and post campaigns, and determine the true increase in sales.

Improved collaboration with retailers...


Buyers have 100s of suppliers, so being able to give them concise information really helps them. Using the insights from SKUtrak, on a Monday morning we provide our buyers with a sales report. This gives us the opportunity to let them know what the sales are and just to remind them of areas we would like to talk to them about.

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