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11 August 2020

Atheon Analytics announces an improved SKUtrak® service

SKUtrak combines retailer trading data with augmented intelligence to build collaborative relationships between retailers and suppliers.

Atheon Analytics has completely overhauled SKUtrak, the UK's leading grocery Flow-of-Goods analytics platform, which is used by over 1500 grocery suppliers. This exciting new release introduces a brand new task-driven user interface together with predictive analytical tools using machine learning to help organisations become more data-driven in their decision making.

The content is developed and organised using state-of-the-art data visualisation techniques to meet the specific needs of many departments including sales, supply chain, revenue assurance, finance, IT and data science. This allows SKUtrak users to save time and concentrate on making complex decisions with confidence rather than building endless spreadsheet reports.

The evolution of the platform provides a highly intuitive user interface and navigation enabling users to get to the right content, fast. This helps users to explore their data faster, understand supply issues and opportunities, and ensure the right products are in the right stores at the right time.

Ed Crawford, SKUtrak Product Manager says: “We are committed to making SKUtrak an even more valuable tool that powers 'business as usual' activities for our customers because we believe in making data actionable and relevant. I am excited to launch our new and enhanced service that will help grocery suppliers to identify issues, understand opportunities and take appropriate action”.

About Atheon Analytics

Atheon Analytics, formed in 2005, provides award-winning visual analytics insight tools to the grocery retail and consumer goods sectors. Its SKUtrak service is the UK’s leading grocery Flow-of-Goods tracker for FMCG suppliers, with over 1,500 customers using SKUtrak to monitor sales, service and stock levels daily across the UK’s major grocers.

Press Contact:

Corinna Walker, Head of Marketing, Atheon Analytics
08444 145 501

Improved SKUtrak


"The insights we provide allow retailers to make changes really quickly - which benefits both sides. As a result, we are working more collaboratively with our retailers and have seen an increase in orders, and on one particular product a treble digit increase in distribution"

Jimmy Coulson, Senior Operations Manager Western Europe | Benecol