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Designed to help you be a trusted source of advice, and build relationships with your retailer counterparts by sharing information in a way that helps them to take action collaboratively.
The functionality is much deeper than in SKUtrak Lite.

It allows you to:

  • Visualise depot stock holding to see whether individual depots are under stocked or over stocked
  • Understand performance in complete detail; daily analysis of promotions, new product launches and all supply chain activities
  • Quickly access the impact of changes in distribution
  • Optimise deliveries to ensure desired stock-cover is maintained and reduce the impact of missed deliveries
  • Improve demand planning

How it helps:

  • Reduces product wastage, maximise promotional success and ensure on-shelf availability 
  • Understand the influence the forecasts may have on stock and sales and where the forecast isn't reflective of current sales or stock levels
  • See your service levels, product availability and lost sales KPIs in a single interactive visual report - allowing for simple supply chain collaboration 
  • Drives fact-driven collaborative conversations with clear, agreed action plans and an easy way to review
  • Plug the curated SKUtrak estate-level data straight into your BI platform to start running your own queries against the data for custom insights

"SKUtrak kind of saved the day with one of our retailers. Probably, if we hadn't had it, I suspect whilst we would have been up year on year, it might have been 6 or 8%. What we were able to identify is where we needed to get the stock to, in order to get the supply chain right; as a result of that, over the 12 weeks of summer, we increased sales with that particular retailer by 22%."

Chris Milton, Sales Director, Thatchers Cider



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SKUtrak content depends on access to data through the retailer accounts you connect.

Some measures may be unavailable due to the retailers and products you supply.

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