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The number of promotions in grocery is on the decline due to pressure from organisations like the Office of Fair Trading and WRAP to try and reduce food waste. Therefore, it has become more critical than ever before to capitalise on promotions and ensure on-shelf availability.

Our eBook looks at 5 practical steps that we think can help you maximise your retail promotions ROI.

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Picture of Corinna Walker, Head of Marketing

Data Drives Action. Action drives on shelf availability.

by Corinna Walker, Head of Marketing

Current consumer demand is placing stress on the grocery supply chain. The images that are being shown across social..

Picture of Lauren Wright, Sales Director

Field marketing is not the only solution to solving store issues

by Lauren Wright, Sales Director

6 years ago I started my first role in FMCG. Up until this point, my only experience of this industry was (like many..


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