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eBook: Joint Business Planning 

A Joint Business Plan (JBP) between a retailer and supplier is a way of aligning targets and trade terms for the forthcoming year. If done well, it provides a mutually agreed plan which should be beneficial to both parties. It should cover:

  • A growth plan - targets for turnover, broken down by sub-category
  • Trade terms - e.g. annual over-riders (growth incentives), rebates etc.
  • Agreed KPIs - turnover, margin, service levels, availability
  • All delivered by an activity plan - NPD schedule, key promotions for the year

It should be a plan that the retailer and supplier are signing up to delivering together.

When a retailers year-end is approaching that tends to be a great time to work together to put joint plans in place for the forthcoming year. 

We have put together an eBook around joint business planning best practice and how SKUtrak can help.

eBook: Tips on Joint Business Planning & how SKUtrak can help
JBP eBook - Full

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