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Introducing Desire, a cloud-native demand signal repository that helps you respond quickly and effectively to your supply chain challenges. To find out more, download our eBook.


Predicting demand in an uncertain world

Getting the right products to the right place at the right time has always been a difficult task. With disruption and uncertainty now at unprecedented levels, that job is becoming harder than ever, and even small ripples at one point in your network can cause turmoil further down the line.

To respond effectively, you need the insight to predict - and the agility to react - to whatever happens next.

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Data: the best solution and the biggest problem

The good news is that there’s plenty of information out there that can help you predict fluctuations in demand. The bad news is that it’s incredibly difficult to harness effectively; demand signal data is highly complex, comes in different formats and in huge volumes, and is inherently specific to individual retailers. 

Worse still, the Data Lakes used to store and analyse that data aren’t always up to the task. They’re typically hard to manage and resource
intensive, making analysis laborious, repetitive, and inefficient. 

As a result, many Data Lakes deliver information that is…

  • Overly simplistic and lacking in depth
  • Expensive and time consuming to produce
  • Inconsistent, incomplete, and ineffectual

Desire tackles those problems head-on

We built Desire from the ground up to help you capture, simplify, and synchronise demand signals from across your entire network. How?

Desire turns demand signals into something powerful, not painful

Desire standardises demand signals of all kinds into a consistent and easily managed format, cutting complexity and enabling you to build models and dashboards that work across every client.

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Desire gives you the complete picture
– not just snapshots

Being able to add new data or make modifications quickly and effortlessly is vital for creating a data repository optimised for efficient analysis. Desire allows you to make changes in hours, not weeks, giving you a comprehensive and timely picture of demand.

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Desire fuels consistent,
cohesive analysis

Machine learning and AI can have a profound impact when it comes to predicting demand, but only when applied universally across a Data
Lake. By pulling data together in a uniform way, Desire makes it easier for you to apply those techniques across your entire data lake.

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Thriving in Uncertainty

Desire gives you the ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing demand by helping you find the best answers to your biggest questions.

How it works

Desire’s three key modules give you everything you need to turn raw demand data into actionable insights.

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Organises your data in a useful and accessible way, validating files and attaching metadata as needed.

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Wherever your data comes from, and in whatever format, our transformers make it consistent and coherent.

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Comprehensive modelling capabilities help you create accurate, insightful simulations of future demand.

What can Desire do for you?

If you’ve been struggling to realise value from your Data Lake or other demand forecasting investments, then Desire could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Desire’s purposeful design ensures that you can
include every signal and every variable in every
forecast and simulation. It enables you to respond quickly and effectively to changing demand by helping you find the best answers to your biggest questions.

Leap ahead with us

If you’d be interested in participating in our exclusive pilot programme for Desire, please let us know by contacting us.