SKUtrak DataShare 

"Data is often the gateway to improved business efficiencies and insights, and through Atheon's SKUtrak DataShare, suppliers are now armed with the date they need, right at their fingertips" Thibaut Ceyrolle, VP of EMEA, Snowflake DB


Query and explore your data with SKUtrak

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak as a live data source in your favourite tools and business systems.

Serves up rich, timely, curated data
Connects to anything, anywhere
Provides beginner and expert modes

SKUtrak provides industry-standard SQL access to all your data so that you can use Flow-of-Goods measurement in your own reporting tools, analytics platforms and enterprise business systems without messy and cumbersome file transfers.

SKUtrak DataShare harnesses the power of the Snowflake® data cloud to open the SKUtrak DSR for your eyes only. Your private data model - as captured, collated and curated by SKUtrak - is shared with your authorised users in real-time; as soon as validated data lands in SKUtrak every day it is available for your use within seconds.

You can connect to SKUtrak DataShare from almost any software that you use; SKUtrak customers to put it to use in many different ways:

  • Connect live to SKUtrak DataShare using ODBC from Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet tools) and power your existing grocery customer performance reports without any downloading, cut-and-paste or VLOOKUP challenges
  • Connect live to SKUtrak DataShare from your favourite desktop or cloud analytics tools; Tableau, Qlik, Looker, PowerBI and many more can be connected in seconds so that curated Flow-of-Goods data is available alongside your own production, stock and shipment data
  • Import data from SKUtrak DataShare into your preferred business planning tools; trade promotion management, production planning, revenue assurance, field sales apps - SKUtrak customers are putting SKUtrak data to use in hundreds of different business processes, automatically
  • Connect live to SKUtrak DataShare to enable your data scientists to develop and test novel machine learning algorithms to plan promotional spend, product ranges, new product development or power AI to react automatically to changes in shopper and customer demand

SKUtrak customers, from their own innovation and through working with SKUtrak Partner Programme members, are constantly pushing the boundaries of SKUtrak DataShare, finding new and exciting ways to automate data-driven business processes with rich, reliable Flow-of-Goods data.

We benefit greatly from the single source of data that SKUtrak provides; one source of automatically-collected data - pre-matched with our product codes, descriptions and categories - that we access live as we need it through SKUtrak DataShare. Multiple teams here at Kraft Heinz are now connecting to SKUtrak DataShare and utilising daily SKU-level trading data in Excel, Tableau and other tools

David Shaw
Supply Chain Director, Kraft Heinz

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