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Meridian Case Study

Saving time with SKUtrak
Meridian, a 3v Natural Foods brand, started in Wales with the purpose of serving the vegan community with good food. They are now the number one nut butter with 45% of their sales coming from the UK grocers.

The Challenge 

We didn’t have an analyst who could spend time making use of retailer data…

We knew data was available to us from retailer portals. It was however time consuming to extract and we would often only download epos data. We pulled this information on an ad-hoc basis to make use of it. We wanted to be consistent in regularly using this data to understand how well we were performing and how we could improve our business.


Keeping overheads down…

When I saw SKUtrak, I felt like it was a system that had been designed for us. It is like having an extra team member, saving our commercial team time and enabling them to manage multiple retailer accounts.


Saves time and easy to use…

SKUtrak is user friendly, making it easy for us to train our staff on it as the team has grown. It has provided valuable time saving for our national account managers and provides them with a consistent view across their retailers.

Enhanced retailer collaboration…

We often share SKUtrak insights with our retailers in our snap conversations, helping provide credibility to our discussions and sales pitches.

Improvements in forecasting…

SKUtrak provides us with the ability to see our past sales performance which helps us understand how variables such as price and service level can affect our rate of sale and availability. This has meant we have been able to make better decisions around forecasting our production levels.

"On a Monday morning, I am able to know immediately how trading has been over the weekend. I’m not having to wait for someone to extract the data, interpret it and send it to me. The data is also in the same format across all retailers, which is so valuable helping me to compare apples with apples. For example, every retailer's weeks are different, SKUtrak enables me to select calendar months as opposed to retailer weeks. Therefore, I know I can do a straight comparison."

Darren Robinson, Head of Sales

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