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Carlsberg Case Study

Improving availability with Atheon’s SKUtrak

The Challenge 

Prior to Co-op partnering with Atheon Analytics and their multi-retailer SKUtrak® service, Carlsberg received manually generated reports sporadically and the data was inconsistent.  


The Co-op now shares all its daily ‘Flow-of-Goods’ data with suppliers through SKUtrak including sales value; supplier (inbound) service; and availability. It also provides daily email alerts for key performance indicators such as supplier service level and short deliveries to depot; and availability (below target)


Since using SKUtrak Carlsberg has seen significant value by being able to improve availability across a number of its SKU’s. “We had an issue in September, following the hotter than expected summer where stock levels had fallen. Equipped with the data from SKUtrak I was able to drop a note to the Co-op supply chain team and subsequently they made a significant order of around 2000 hectolitres, £400,000 in terms of sales. Ultimately, if we didn’t have the data we wouldn’t have had the visibility and we may not have got those extra sales.”

"I use it daily to check sales and stock holding and I can also see if there are potential issues about to arise. Additionally, if there’s any further interrogation required I’m able to use the sales performance, value sales, units and rate of sales to do so."

Alex Rowell, Head of Convenience

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