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Britvic Case Study

Improving working practices with SKUtrak
Britvic is the largest supplier of branded still soft drinks and the number two supplier of branded carbonated soft drinks in Great Britain, and it is an industry leader in Ireland and France. Their brands include Robinsons, Tango, J2O, drench, MiWadi, Ballygowan, Teisseire, Fruité, Maguary and DaFruta.

The Challenge 

We needed to improve our speed to insight

We had access to our retailer data, however, it wasn’t particularly easy to draw insights quickly from it. We wanted to improve this, and enhance our ways of working within our supply chain, commercial, category teams, and the way we collaborated with our retailers.


Making better data-driven decisions

SKUtrak provides us with the insight we needed. It has enabled us to unlock our retailer data and make better data-driven decisions.


Better visibility into store performance

SKUtrak has helped us improve in-store product availability because we now have true visibility of store stock. This has meant we can quickly identify where there are issues in availability and understand if it is with us, the store or the depot.

Furthermore, having store insights has helped us direct field teams to improve our rate of sale (ROS).

Improvement in forecast accuracy

Through using SKUtrak we have managed to improve our forecast accuracy from being 37% accurate a week to 71% accurate. This has been as a result of having the visibility into SKU performance and stock levels in store.

Able to make quick wins

SKUtrak has helped us with our promotional evaluation. For example we are able to see the impact in lost sales of not having the first shipper with stock available in store at the right time. We have also been able to identify SKUs that were ranged but had been switched off from ordering in-store and promptly turn that around.

"The SKUtrak professional plan has helped us improve the way we work across supply chain, commercial and our category teams. The insight that SKUtrak provides into our retailer data and the user-friendliness of the product is already paying dividends to the subscription costs"

Louise Rewcastle, Collaboration Manager

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