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Benecol Case Study

Improving availability and retailer collaboration with SKUtrak
Launched in Finland 25 years ago, Benecol’s aim was, and still is, to help people eat healthily and reduce their cholesterol. Over the years, their range has expanded and now includes spreads, yoghurts and yoghurt drinks.

The Challenge 

Improving product availability…

Benecol is not a brand that is affected by weather or traditional grocery peak periods like Christmas or Easter. This means that retailers don’t always look so closely at our products. Our task was to better understand where our products were in order to improve availability, and to increase our share of voice within our retailers


Improved retailer communication…

SKUtrak allows our operations and sales teams to look at our retailer data every day in its easiest form to see what our availability is by product, by retailer.

This allows us to take the insights SKUtrak provides and share it with our retailers via email or in meetings and have a conversation with them, using their data - often, data that they might not even have had access to. This common language has paved the way for a more collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.


An increase in retailer collaboration…

SKUtrak has given us a common language and standardised approach to using data across our retailers which has changed our supplier - retailer relationship. For example, we used to meet our retailers a couple of times a year, and speak to them on email perhaps 10 times a year. Thanks to SKUtrak, we now have weekly dialogue with them on availability.

Increase in orders and better availability…

Our retailers are looking at the insights we are sharing with them and in some cases that has seen them increasing the forecast and we have seen an upside in our order almost the next day. This has enhanced our product availability.

Data-Driven decision making…

Using the visualisations within SKUtrak, we quickly identified a product that had a high rate of sale but it’s distribution wasn’t as high as other products.  This allowed us to have a conversation with a particular retailer which resulted in a treble digit increase in distribution.

"The insights we provide allow retailers to make changes really quickly - which benefits both sides. As a result, we are working more collaboratively with our retailers and have seen an increase in orders, and on one particular product a treble digit increase in distribution"

Jimmy Coulson, Senior Operations Manager Western Europe,

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