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Baxters Case Study

Using SKUtrak to avoid a delist
George and Margaret Baxter started out with a mission: “Be different, be better”. Baxters now have over 150 products across various ranges including soups, beetroot, and condiments.

The Challenge 

Avoid a product delist

Our buyer advised us of a proposed reduction in range, by region. Baxters needed to quickly demonstrate the impact this would have on the retailer’s category sales.


Using SKUtrak to provide robust evidence based insights

Using the rate of sale analysis functionality built into the SKUtrak range review dashboard alongside Store Insights to model various scenarios, Baxters were able to provide a compelling case which we shared with the retailer, highlighting potential lost sales totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.


Products remained ranged

Working collaboratively with the retailer and sharing detailed insights from SKUtrak, the range was maintained and the delist was withdrawn. Without SKUtrak it would have been a very difficult and time consuming process to model scenarios, extract, visualise and present this data in a format which is clear.

Improved retailer collaboration…

SKUtrak allowed Baxters to share insights and build robust evidence based business cases aligned to our joint objectives. This approach fostered a collaborative relationship, saved time and improved accuracy.


"SKUtrak gives us the ability to drill down into regions and individual store performance. This has been invaluable to us. As a result of using the store insights functionality and the range review dashboards, we have avoided a product delist. This was a great result for us and saved our retailer from losing a six figure sum annually "

Craig Lyle, National Account Manager

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