Picture of Lauren Wright, Sales Director

With face to face airtime on hold for the foreseeable future, the art of storytelling on email has had us all digging ...

Picture of Neil Tomkins, Commercial Director

Change has been forced upon us all as consumers, our daily routines have changed beyond recognition. Data suggests the ...

Picture of Corinna Walker, Head of Marketing

Current consumer demand is placing stress on the grocery supply chain. The images that are being shown across social ...

Picture of Ed Crawford, Product Manager

FMCG businesses are awash with data, some of which involves parting with hard earned cash in order to buy from third ...

Picture of Ian Hall, COO

Why reporting monthly numbers is pointless (sometimes!).

Picture of Guy Cuthbert, CEO

In my late twenties my colleague Ray McGrath, now a good friend, passed on the advice that when making decisions it's ...

Picture of Simon Runc, Principal Analyst

Maximising the value from data is a key business goal but what does that mean in practice? With the growth of ...

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