Enhancing your user experience: SKUtrak's UI update

Nick Calver, Marketing Director

At Atheon, your feedback is our guiding star. We've heard your recent input on the SKUtrak User Interface (UI) – suggestions for improving its intuitiveness and user-friendliness. We've listened and are pleased to share some changes we've implemented as a result.

A word from our Product Director, Adam Booth

As Adam Booth, our Product Director, explains, "SKUtrak is designed to help users make complex decisions with confidence. We understand that dealing with large amounts of information can be mentally demanding. Our top priority is to ensure that SKUtrak provides a smooth experience for all users from one decision to the next to help them get maximum, actionable insights from their business analytics efforts."

He adds, "We continually strive to simplify our visual interface to enhance our users' experience. This update is a further step in that direction. The cleaner navigation and updated UI offer a more intuitive interaction and create room for us to introduce new functionality and improvements over the next 12 months."

SKUtrak's improved user interface: An Overview

We've redesigned the UI of SKUtrak with the primary focus on better harnessing its power and capabilities to support complex decision-making. This redesign is not just an aesthetic enhancement but an intentional improvement to help you extract maximum value and insight from the tool.

  • Improved Navigation
    Navigating through SKUtrak's interface is now smoother than ever. Our redesigned user interface is more structured and simplified, allowing you to identify available options and move between screens more efficiently. We've decluttered our homepage and increased the data visibility on each dashboard, ensuring that finding what you need is less mentally taxing.
  • Intuitive Naming Convention
    Our new naming convention for dashboards is grounded in functionality and user familiarity. We've discarded somewhat ambiguous terms like "Explorer" and "Lite" and replaced them with names that reflect the business function and the content shown on the screen.

SKUtrak dashboards now fall into three broad categories based on the roles they fulfil:

  • Reports: These dashboards present data in a more tabular format for understanding past events. 
  • Manage Dashboards: These task-oriented dashboards use interactive visual elements to focus on solving a particular problem. 
  • Explore Dashboards: These are designed for deep data exploration with interactive visual elements. 

Integrating SKUtrak's new UI into your workflow

These updates are designed to enhance your experience with SKUtrak. When you log into your SKUtrak account, you'll immediately notice the changes - from the streamlined layout of our homepage to the clearer dashboard names. Whether using SKUtrak for reports, task management, or data exploration, the new UI is designed to make your work more effective and efficient.

We hope this update will make your interaction with SKUtrak more efficient and intuitive. As always, we encourage you to share your feedback and insights. This update is a stepping stone towards an even more improved SKUtrak, with further updates to follow shortly.

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