SKUtrak - Did You Know: 2. Using SKUtrak with multiple retailers

Ed Crawford, Product Director

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SKUtrak is used by over 1,600 FMCG suppliers across the globe. Obviously, the size and structure of these suppliers vary greatly. Some have the luxury of whole teams dedicated to a retailer account, others will have teams that span multiple accounts and there are also many suppliers out there who have individuals responsible for juggling the relationship with multiple retailers.

The new SKUtrak platform offers a much easier way to service the demands of juggling multiple retailer accounts or just trying to build a picture of overall performance across all retails.

Accelerated navigation


If you have more than one retailer connected to your SKUtrak service you can now move between the same dashboard for different retailers in just 2 clicks. Simply look for the ‘Retailer’ dropdown menu in the top left, just above the ‘suggested’ content section. Click the down arrow and pick what retailer you would like to switch to, it’s as simple as that.


The legacy version of SKUtrak grew organically over time as we added more retailers in. Not every retailer provides the same metrics and this led to some differences across dashboards, particularly the 28-day summary dashboard that is part of the Starter plan. We have taken this opportunity to make the Starter dashboard identical across retailers. Where we don’t have certain data, for example, Forecasts for a particular retailer, we still leave that section on the dashboard to ensure that the layout and visualisations are identical no matter what retailer you are looking at.


Our belief is that by keeping things consistent, it is quicker to interpret the dashboards when looking across retailers. In addition, if that data is made available by the retailer it is quicker for us to add it into your service.


Also, there is no need to keep clicking the main ‘Content’ menu if you want to switch between retailer content. Whilst on the screen which lists all the dashboards for a retailer, simply use the ‘Retailer’ dropdown menu to take you straight to the contents page for the next retailer you want to explore.

If you want any more information on using SKUtrak with multiple retailers, please get in touch. I look forward to sharing my next blog entry with you shortly. In the meantime, if you want to learn how other SKUtrak customers are using the insights within their businesses, please see our case studies.



Ed started his career as a data analyst at a market research company working with FMCG suppliers to grocery retail, followed by several years heading up a team of data and consumer behaviour analysts. He joined Atheon Analytics in 2009 where he built the development team before moving into his current role as Product Director.

Atheon helps FMCGs and Retailers to make better use of their ‘Flow-of-Goods’ data through their SKUtrak service.

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