SKUtrak - Did You Know: 1. Home Screen

Ed Crawford, Product Director

Our Product Director Ed Crawford has started a SKUtrak Did You Know Blog series. In this blog series, Ed will share with you his useful SKUtrak hints and tips. We hope you enjoy reading the blogs, if there are any areas that you would like included in the series, please let us know: 


Just before Christmas, we completed the migration of over 1600 organisations to the new SKUtrak 2 platform from the original (legacy) platform. Now all of our SKUtrak users have access to this new platform which the team here at Atheon HQ have been working on for the last year. Although a lot of thought, planning and effort has gone into the new site, we know that any change causes disruption and takes time to adjust to. We are committed to continuously developing and improving SKUtrak and would love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop any comments to

In order to help you all find your way around the new site, I have focused my first “Did you know blog” around the new homescreen.

We’ve powered-up your home screen KPIs


The legacy KPI summary cards were not consistent across all retailers so the first thing we’ve done is standardise the metrics displayed across all the retailers, making it quicker to compare across retail accounts. Previously, we didn’t give you much context as to whether the latest metrics were better or worse than previous performance, or how the metrics are trending and this is where we’ve really powered-up the KPIs.


You should now notice that behind the headline number displaying the figure for the latest date, we have given you a picture of what the trend is for the last 28 days.

My final note on the new home screen KPIs is that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with the metrics if you notice a hyphen in a card:


What this means is that there is no value for the latest day which, in the example above, is either down to the fact that there was no delivery expected on the latest day (the supplier above does not deliver on every day as you can see from the background trend line) OR that particular retailer doesn’t provide that metric for the latest day (e.g. Co-op supplier & depot service levels which have a 2-day lag).


If you want any more information on the new home screen, please get in touch. I look forward to sharing my next blog entry with you shortly. In the meantime, if you want to learn how other SKUtrak customers are using the insights within their businesses, please see our case studies.



Ed started his career as a data analyst at a market research company working with FMCG suppliers to grocery retail, followed by several years heading up a team of data and consumer behaviour analysts. He joined Atheon Analytics in 2009 where he built the development team before moving into his current role as Product Director.

Atheon helps FMCGs and Retailers to make better use of their ‘Flow-of-Goods’ data through their SKUtrak service.

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