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Ed Crawford, Product Director

Our Product Director Ed Crawford has started a SKUtrak Did You Know Blog series. In this blog series, Ed will share with you his useful SKUtrak hints and tips. We hope you enjoy reading the blogs, if there are any areas that you would like included in the series, please let us know:

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Your new SKUtrak platform has gone through significant change, both on the underlying technical platform but also the website that you access day-to-day. I briefly covered a little bit of navigation in my last blog and thought it was worth expanding on this to highlight how content navigation has changed and what the quickest way around your dashboards is.

Home Screen

SKUtrak Homescreen

The home screen is a great place to get a very quick overview of both how your service is configured and what the highlights are from your latest data. In the above image, section 1 shows that I have 2 retailers connected to my SKUtrak service and what the KPI’s are for the latest day of data that has been loaded. Section 2 shows me that I do not have 3 of the available retailers connected and it gives me a single-click pathway to add those details if I so desired.

The home screen will also highlight to me any action that needs to be taken to keep my service up and running:

SKUtrak Account Issue

Getting into the detail

Dashboard Homescreen

The SKUtrak website gives you access to a selection of visual content depending on what plan you are subscribed to and there are a few ways you can access these dashboards. Firstly, from the home screen, you can click the ‘visit dashboard’ link on any of the retailer KPI summary cards and this will take you through to your ‘28-day summary dashboard’ and is probably the quickest way to get to all the content for a retailer:


Dashboard Navigation

Clicking on the ‘See all content’ will take you to the content page for that retailer
and there is also a list of ‘suggested’ dashboards that we think might be interesting
for you.

If you are not sure what these dashboards might show, then click the ‘i’ icon:

Info Tip


On the main content screen for a given retailer you will see that there is a section titled ‘TRAKS’. In short, you can think of Traks as a Spotify playlist (other streaming services are available!) for dashboards. Currently, Traks are defined by us but eventually, we’ll open these up so that users can create and share Traks with their colleagues.



You can click ‘See details’ on any Trak which will give you a description of the Trak and list all the dashboards that make up that Trak.

I’d love to hear your feedback and would be happy to help if you have any questions so please get in touch. I look forward to sharing my next blog entry with you shortly. In the meantime, if you want to learn how other SKUtrak customers are using the insights within their businesses, please see our case studies.



Ed started his career as a data analyst at a market research company working with FMCG suppliers to grocery retail, followed by several years heading up a team of data and consumer behaviour analysts. He joined Atheon Analytics in 2009 where he built the development team before moving into his current role as Product Director.

Atheon helps FMCGs and Retailers to make better use of their ‘Flow-of-Goods’ data through their SKUtrak service.

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