Automated Data Collection

Save time, eliminate errors; collect and manage grocery data automatically with SKUtrak - so that you can focus your attention on understanding how your are performing, why, and how to improve.


Collect your retailer data through SKUtrak

The modern FMCG runs on SKUtrak. Use SKUtrak to automatically collect rich data from your retail customers.

automated data collection
Collects data every day from each of your major customers
Handles data changes automatically
not just data
Full Flow-of-Goods data, not just EPOS

SKUtrak collects and manages data from your grocery customers so that you don't have to: automated, reliable, consistent and complete.

The Automated Data Collection engine ("ADC") collects data in two different ways:

  1. Via Direct data feeds, where a grocery retailer sends data directly to SKUtrak
  2. Via Indirect data feeds, where SKUtrak collects reports on your behalf from a grocery retailer system

In both cases, SKUtrak assumes responsibility for ensuring that you have the most complete data record possible. This includes:

  1. Collecting all relevant Flow-of-Goods data files - up to 15 data files for some retailers - to cover not only EPOS but also:
    • product distribution (ranging), stock and availability in the retailer's stores
    • product stock and service levels into, and out of, the retailer's depot network
    • reference data, including product, store and calendar
    • promotional definitions, sales and order forecasts
  2. Collecting multiple days of data to handle shifts in reported data values; many retailers revise store/product sales and stock levels one, two or even three days after originally reporting them
  3. Collecting corrected data if/when your grocery retail customer advises of large-scale data errors or changes
  4. Collecting data after retailer system outages or delays (including out-of-hours collection overnight and over weekends)

In short, SKUtrak is the most tenacious, resilient and determined data collection agent in your team who will stop at nothing to bring you the most complete, reliable and accurate data record possible.


With the daily alerts I always have a sense of what is going on. More often than not it provides us with reassurance that everything is running smoothly. If my daily email does highlight something unusual, then I can login from anywhere and get to the granular detail straight away.

SKUtrak Customer

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