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Automate the daily collection of retailer data with a secure, robust, and scalable solution

We Understand Your Challenges

Your business processes rely on good quality information. Supply-chain forecasting, financial reconciliation, and production planning all require robust, accurate, and up to date information, presented in a consistent format.

You and your team don’t want to have to spend time having to manually collect and process supermarket data. It can often be hard to access and difficult to interpret. Without robust information your colleagues aren’t able to optimise promotions, ensure SKU availability and risk lost sales.

Atheon’s SKUtrak automates the daily collection, collation and manipulation of the retail data and uses best practice visual analytics to present it in a way that is easy to interpret. Taking away the repetitive task and need to interact with multiple sources of data.

Giving your organisation the ability to interact, analyse and make fact based recommendations sets your business up for success. 


Introduction to DataShare

Alex Paterson, our consulting manager explains how DataShare gives you access to the data underneath your SKUtrak dashboards to answer ad-hoc questions, build your own bespoke dashboards or feed the data into your own IT systems.


Insights for the retail grocery industry


Do you pay your people to crunch data, or make decisions?

How much of your job involves downloading, manipulating and formatting data?


DataShare Tutorial

Watch our tutorial to see how to connect SKUtrak DataShare to Tableau.


What is SKUtrak?

Find out in less than 30 seconds by watching our short video.


 Common questions answered

What is SKUtrak?

SKUtrak is a service that automatically collects, stores and displays your retailer trading performance in an interactive, visual way.  It saves you time, provides SKU level insights and alerts you to actions you need to take.

How does SKUtrak save me time?

SKUtrak saves you time because:

  • It automates and transforms the data from your retailer portal accounts on your behalf
  • It provides a consistent picture, by retailer of what is happening
  • Within a few clicks you can go from a top level view, to a detailed view of what happened with a particular SKU yesterday
  • You are able to extract the reports directly from SKUtrak for meetings

To see some of the benefits our customer’s experience, please watch our SKUtrak video.

How does SKUtrak help me increase sales?

Seeing your daily sales and supply chain data enables you to spot trends, challenges and opportunities. This means you quickly make interventions to maximise sales.
For example, if you can see that you were short on a delivery to a specific RDC yesterday, you can make sure you send more stock today and maximise on-shelf availability.

Where does the data come from?

We automate and transform the data you already have access to through specific retailer portal accounts.

The only exception to this is our partnership with Co-op. In this instance we provide the access to data directly through SKUtrak.

Your data is always owned by you and/or the retailer according to your agreement(s) with them. SKUtrak® keeps this data secure and only available to authorised account holders: you and your colleagues.

What does SKUtrak give me that the data from my retail portal doesn’t?

It collects the data automatically every day so you don’t have to. SKUtrak displays your data in an interactive visual dashboard, you will be able to see insights that are otherwise hidden in the mass of numbers. SKUtrak provides a consistent experience across all the retailers and datasets that we offer.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Register for free to start SKUtrak automatically collecting and processing data on your behalf, every day. You will get interactive retailer dashboards that visualise your sales and service patterns over the last 28 days with up to 8 key performance indicators.

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