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About You

SKUtrak has benefits across many functions.
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Your challenges

We recognise that depending on your role you will have different priorities for SKUtrak to resolve.

Here are some universal challenges that your organisation might face:

  • Drowning in data - you know the information is out there, but you just want answers
  • You have limited time with your retailer, and need to get important information over to them effectively
  • You want to minimise stock-in-trade, whilst maintaining availability
  • You have stretching sales targets

How we can help

With over ten years experience of helping UK grocery suppliers to understand and make use of their retail data, we are able to help solve the specific challenges you face.

Atheon’s SKUtrak is a set of products that are intuitive, visual, and interactive, allowing users to explore large sets of data with ease, and make complex decisions with confidence.

Please select the role that is most applicable to you to see how we can help.